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How do the vacuum pods of the Vacuum-CNC system work? Unlike other brands, our vacuum pods are made up of two parts: base and cup, and a third part can be positioned between the two to vary the height of the vacuum pod:

Vacuum-CNC bases


Black lower part in contact with the milling centre. We have bases for all cnc machines currently available on the market.

Vacuum-CNC cups


Red upper part that holds the board or the part to be machined. It is placed on the crown of the base and can rotate on it. All our cups can be coupled to any of our bases.

Vacuum-CNC elevators


Part that can be positioned between the base and the cup to change the height of the vacuum pod.

About Vacuum-CNC

Why are the Vacuum-cnc clamping blocks your best option?

The vacuum pods by Vacuum-CNC offer you a number of advantages that have a direct impact on your production and therefore on your profits:

  • Speed of positioning: Vacuum cnc clamping blocks are fast and easy to place on the machine.
  • 360º rotation: our vacuum pods are designe with a crown which makes it possible to rotate the cup over the base, giving you more possibilities and comfort.
  • Ease of exchange between suction cups of different sizes: Our cups are easy and faste to exchange, which permits the use of different suction areas with the same base. This will not only save you a great amount of time, which consequently will benefit your production.
  • Moreover, for accidents of any degree, our suction cups provide faster, more economical and more efficient solutions.
  • The clamping of our vacuum cups is tested and is superior to the most representative brands on the market.
Benefits of the vacuum pods by Vacuum-CNC


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