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Four Door jamb clamps activated by vacuum


Vacuum CNC has been working throughout all these years in unifying in our brand all the clamping solutions by vacuum for mechanising centres that exist in the market right now, from pod and rail machines to flat and grid tables, adding certain improvements to work easily and help out in the saving of our clients. Our main products are the cnc vacuum pods, in which, with effort and care, we have developed and implemented an innovative system based in the divison of the vacuum clamping block in two pieces:

The divission of the vacuum blocks offers quite huge advantages…

Nevertheless, we manufacture many other cnc clamping solutions, such as mechanical clampers, nesting modules and more.


Vacuum cnc clamping blocks offer you a series of advantages that directly affect your production and therefore your profits:

  • Speed of positioning: Vacuum cnc clamping blocks are fast and easy to place on the machine.
  • 360º rotation: our vacuum pods are designe with a crown which makes it possible to rotate the cup over the base, giving you more possibilities and comfort.
  • Ease of exchange between suction cups of different sizes: Our cups are easy and faste to exchange, which permits the use of different suction areas with the same base. This will not only save you a great amount of time, which consequently will benefit your production.
  • Also, you may need to use vacuum blocks with different heights. With our system, you can maintain the vacuum-cnc base by replacing only the cup with another with a different height.
  • Moreover, for accidents of any degree, our suction cups provide faster, more economical and more efficient solutions.
  • The clamping of our vacuum cups is tested and is superior to the most representative brands on the market.

You will discover these and many other advantages as you get to know our Vacuum cnc suction cups.

cnc vacuum pods with different heights, maximum absorption, 360º rotation and fast exchange


Vacuum cnc has been working throughout all these years in unifying in our brand all the subjection systems by vacuum for mechanising centres that exist in the market right now. From pod and rail machines to flat and grid tables. This can lead to confusion when choosing the best option for your work. In order to facilitate you this choice we have made a search-by-machinery shop where you can filter all of our products depending on your cnc machine. Anyway, if you still have any type of doubt, you can contact us here.

Finally, when you have found all of the products you need, you can request us a quote here, or calling us by phone:

  • +34 91 059 94 83
  • +34 682 77 19 34

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Clamping solutions for every brand in the market:


You can also call us:

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