Vacuum clamping systems for cnc machines

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Vacuum clamping systems for cnc machines

Vacuum clamping systems for cnc machines

At Vacuum-cnc we specialize in the design and manufacture of vacuum clamping systems for cnc machines, predominantly used in the woodworking industry. Practically all our clamps are designed under the Vacuum-cnc system, which means: easily interchangeable, one-click installation, 360º rotation, self-locking and much more.

One of our brand distinctions is the division of the vacuum pod into two parts: base and cup. Among other things, this feature greatly lengthens the useful life of the vacuum block, since in the event of an accident, only the cup would have to be replaced.

The Vacuum-cnc catalog offers vacuum clamping systems for all cnc machines on the market, and if not, we will manufacture it for you. You can easily request a quote in our online store:

Or you can contact us directly:

Vacuum-cnc Pods

From pod & rail machines to grid and flat tables, Vacuum-cnc has a vacuum block for you.


  • Speed of positioning.
  • 360º rotation and self-locking.
  • Ease of exchange between suction cups of different sizes.
  • Vacuum pods with different heights maintaining the same base.
  • The clamping of our vacuum cups is tested and is superior to the most representative brands on the market.
cnc vacuum pods with different heights, maximum absorption, 360º rotation and fast exchange


Vacuum clamping systems for cnc machines and curved surfaces

CNC clamping solutions by vacuum

Vacuum-cnc mechannical clamps are activated by vacuum. They turn on when activating the vacuum in the machine and they position as any other kind of vacuum pod, without hose connection or screws unless is absolutely necessary.

Vertical clamps

Mechannical clamp for nesting machines (SCM)
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Horizontal Clamps

Horzontal mechannical clamp (Pneumatic)

Door Jamb Clamps

Door jamb clamps activated by vacuum
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