Vacuum Blocks for SCM / Morbidelli

Vacuum blocks for SCM

SCM / Morbidelli

Machinery: CNC milling centers of models TECH, RECORD, AUTHOR, PLANET, UNIVERSAL

Measures: 120 x 120, 145 x 145, 158 x 120, 120 x 158

Vacuum cnc blocks (also called vacuum pods) for SCM / Morbidelli offer you a series of advantages that directly affect your production and therefore your profits.

  • The speed of positioning, the 360º rotation and the ease of exchange between suction cups of different sizes, will save you a great amount of time, which will benefit your production.
  • For accidents of any degree, our suction cups provide faster, more economical and more efficient solutions.
  • The clamping of our vacuum cups is tested and is superior to the most representative brands on the market.

You will discover these and many other advantages as you get to know our Vacuum cnc suction cups. You can also contact us if you have any doubt.

The “Vacuum-CNC System”


Vacuum-CNC has been working throughout all these years in unifying in our brand all the clamping systems by vacuum for milling centres, from pod and rail machines to flat and grid tables.

The distinction

The main difference between our brand and others lies in the division of the vacuum block in two pieces (patented system). The Base is the inferior black part in contact with the milling center. Over the base we place the cup, the superior red part which holds the board or the piece to work out. As a result of this division we can offer you quite huge advantages:

The advantages

  • The suction area is easy and fast to change.
  • All the Vacuum CNC cups turn 360 degrees. They also stay fixed when turning on the vacuum.
  • It allows us to place elevators between the base and the cup. This makes it possible to work at many different heights, keeping always the same base and cup.
  • Furthermore, all of the vacuum cups have touch valve. Consecuently we can hold the vacuum block on the table even if they do not need to be used without losing vacuum.
  • It allows, in case of a broken cup or need of a new suction area, to replace only the cup, what leads to a significant economic saving.
  • The cups enclose the superior vacuum by a sealing rubber, very affordable and easy to replace. In other words, if it gets broken (until a 7 mm depth) we can fix the vacuum cup at 100% of its capacity simply by changing the damaged gum part.
  • Facilities for enterprises that have more than one mechanising centre with different vacuum cups. Thanks to our two-pieces system it could be studied the point of combining the heights. Above all, that will allow us to use the same cups in both milling centres. Sometimes it may be necessary to change the height in which it works, otherwise, the combination is not possible.
  • For the majority of models it exists the cup system with board lifter included. It exists for both formats, the vacuum system and the compact one.

If you have any doubt, please contact us.

CNC Vacuum Pod for SCM/Morbidelli divided in 2 pieces: Base and Cup