Compact Vacuum Pods

¿What are the compact vacuum pods?

It's the simplest vacuum pod model in our catalogue, conceived as a more economical clamping solution for CNC machines, in those cases that do not require such a versatile option as the Vacuum CNC system is. They are designed for wood and metal working, and offer precise clamping and maximum absorption.

Unlike the other vacuum pods in our catalogue, they are manufactured only in one piece, with no possibility of turning or change the suction surface. However, in some vacuum pod models we have seen it interesting to manufacture them with this system, either to keep the height of the manufacturer or being able to offer a more affordable option for those who do not need the versatility of the Vacuum-CNC system.

Compact vacuum pods - Vacuum-CNC
Compact vacuum pods - Vacuum-CNC

¿What are the differences and similarities between compact vacuum pods and vacuum-cnc clamping blocks?

  • Thanks to being made of technical plastic, it won't affect the mill in case of an accident.
  • As long as it's possible, it will include the spotted tablet to create different suction zones or to enlarge its useful life.
  • All the vacuum-cnc cups have a touch valve to not lose any vacuum.
  • For the compact vacuum pods system, it also exists the possibility of adding the panel-lifter option.
  • Compact vacuum pods cannot rotate in any degree or change its suction surface.

Benefits of our compact suction cups

As you may know, if you are familiar with our catalogue, our vacuum-cnc clamping block system (divided in base and cup) it's the distinction of our brand. Although we have put all our efforts in creating a versatile suction cup with a tighter price margin, we have also learnt, in our many travels all around the world, that some of our clients may need a more easy and economical clamping solution. Therefore, here you will find quality compact vacuum pods at the most competitive prices in the market.

Which is the compact vacuum pod that best suits your cnc machine?

Depending on the characteristics of your cnc machine, you will need one or other vacuum pod model. For example, if you have a nesting SCM/Morbidelli machine, KA models are specifically designed for you.

If you have any doubt, please contact us.

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