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New door jamb clamp

Door jamb clamp for cnc machines, activated by vacuum

Vacuum-cnc launches its patented door jamb clamp, where it has achieved what is sometimes more difficult, developing a simple and effective system at the same time.

With maximum work efficiency, it provides another fundamental aspect, the ease of assembly and disassembly, which makes both the making of the door jambs and their preparation not a great effort for you, nor does it leave the machine partially blocked as it happens with other clamping systems. Activated by the vacuum of the machine, it does not need to have any type of external setting-up.

  • Activated by vacuum.
  • Designed for clamping jambs, mouldings and studs from 40 to 190 mm.
  • It is placed over two bases of our brand and adapts to all cnc machines, form pod & rail to flat and grid tables. No need to make any modifications to your machine.
  • It is a double clamp, designed to be able to make both the box for the hinges, as well as for the closure of the slip.
  • Unbeatable speed, both for the placement of the clamps and for their removal.

Check out here the product.

4 dorr jamb clamps by vacuum cnc
Four Vacuum-cnc door jamb clamps

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